No Name

The village of No Name has one main trading partner, the larger town of Blue Flame. While the village of No Name is mostly self-reliant, the outside world knows nothing of it. Truly, most have never even heard of Blue Flame.

No Name is governed by the council of five. One member must be cleric, one member must be of the commoners, two of a magical persuasion. The head of the council can be from any walk of life. A majority consensus of the council is required for all matters. The head of the council can vote only during a tie.

Current council

- Cleric : Healer Greenspan (Human)

- Commoner : Smithy Brownbeard (Dwarf)

- Magical 1: Mervan “The Mottled” Smythe (Human)

- Magical 2: Roulf Black (Human)

- Head : Erf Shadowbane Senior (Human)

No Name used to just be a mining colony for electrum. Now it also specializes in the Spellscared pelts.

No Name

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