Razor claw shifter Avenger of Selune.


Personality Traits:: Prefers to be around those whom she chooses. (Selective)

Loyal to her companions. Came from a city to venture into the wilderness out of curiosity and a sense of adventure. To try to subdue the world.

On your tombstone you’d want it to say:: “Defender of Good & Justice”

A person from the past:: The high priest of Selune who taught you how to control your lycanthropy.

guarding the caravan:: “The cargo is food, it’s not like I could let this get hijacked. All works for Selune!”

magic items: Boots of surefoot – standup when knocked down power jewel – Lets you reuse an encounter power 1/day restful bedrolls – Falchion blade Also uses a holy symbol

Zoleth:: “during a mission of goodwill between the church of Selune and church of Torm we met.”


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