Personality Traits:: From the Feywild, he doesn’t understand many of the material plane races. He’s been in the material plane for a while, but is still surprised by the acts and actions of people. Undergoes culture shock at nearly every opportunity. He is surprised by his aging. His home in the Feywild was only minorly touched by the Spellplague. He’s one of the few people who was afflicted with a spellscar – he was asked to leave because of it. Everything he owns, outside of consumable items is from the Feywild.

Curious, Enthusiastic, Sneaky

On your tombstone you’d want it to say:: “Woo hoo! I didn’t expect that to happen.”

A person from the past:: A mindflayer when i was first wondering who attacked me and tried to enslave me. I was rescued by unknown forces.

magic items:: Cloak of distortion shimmering armor or robe of scintellation uses a tomb as an implement

Why are you guarding a caravan: “Why not? Travel opportunities, good benefits.” He’s traveling the world and is seeking out information on the Spellplague.

Hae’rin:: “She taught me common when I first came from the Feywild.”

Zoleth:: “When I was healed by the forces unknown. They left the symbol of Torm in the healing. During the travels, Hae’rin noticed this marking. After a while the Church of Torm assigned Zoleth to investigate this.”



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