Welcome to fallen glory!

History of Halruaa

Created by archwizards foreseeing the fall of Netheril, Halruaa promised to combine the peace and harmoney of Cormyr with the magical might of Thay. Halruaa was, for the most part, a land that lived up to that promise. The citizens of Halruaa, Halruaans, lived peaceful & fulfilling lives full of magic and community. They constructed homes that demonstrated the builder’s knowledge of the arcane and the depths of their pocketbooks. The focus ranged from small details – such as an extremely precise clock that would help the owner so they would never be late for appointments – to the large details – soaring towers, flying carpets and flying ships.

Halruaa Today

The Spellplauge changed all of this, Halruaa is now a fallen land of magic, monsters and misery. Bouts of Spellplauge are still widely seen in the reaches.Halarahh, the former capital of Halruaa, now lies in ruins. The largest settlements lie within the passes that used to house only defensive troops. Despite the Spellplague, the populace still looks toward magic to solve its current problems, although psionic abilities have increased.

Spellscarred Halruaa